Canterbury Eco Homes

An Eco Friendly Approach

Tyler Hill is a pleasant hamlet, a little over two miles from Canterbury city centre. It is very close to the University of Kent which is just a mile away. The district is an important conservation area with archaeolgical Roman and Anglo-Saxon remains of brick and tile making. There is ancient and extensive woodland all around - Honey Wood being a particularly stunning example next to the development. Tyler Hill is perfect for families and enjoys excellent links to both road and rail for commuters. The development enjoys access from Summer Lane, a quiet and much sought after lane, giving a rural highlight.

Plots 1 & 2 and 4 & 5 are all new builds while plot 3 has been renovated and considerably extended. All the homes feature underfloor heating throughout and the eco details for most of the properties will feature:

  • Highly thermally efficient construction (projected wall U-Values of 0.12).
  • Photovoltaic panels to supplement electrical consumption.
  • Solar collectors to supplement hot water supply.
  • A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system which not only filters incoming air from pollen etc. but also provides passive air conditioning in the Summer.
  • Rain water harvesting to conserve water consumption.

The aim is to provide a minimum carbon footprint, with a bonus of significantly reduced running costs. Buying off plan would also allow the purchaser to have a significant influence on the specification of the kitchen, bathrooms, tiles etc. subject to typical parameters.

An Eco Friendly Philosophy

When it comes to an eco home, the image people often have is one built from used car tyres filled with soil or built from straw bails. The Tyler Hill development demonstrates that you can live in a perfectly normal looking house and still protect the environment. This development is a case in point as being a conservation area, it was important that the new houses on the West side of the development reflected the Victorian nature of the existing building being renovated and extended. On the East side however, the opportunity was taken to develop houses with a much more contemporary design and the decision was taken to use Cedar, a stunningly beautiful natural timber.

The new home owners can also avail themselves of the opportunity to take an even greater interest in environmental issues, as with each house approximately an acre of SSI woodland in Honey Wood - which is on the opposite side of Summer Lane - is also being offered.